Mosquito/insect killer, trap, swatter, bat


  • Rechargeable
  • High quality
  • Sleek design
  • instant mosquito killer
  • light weight
  • portable
  • Except lighting it can kill the mosquito and other insects day and night
  • 3” pcs of long life ,super blight LED
  • Rated capacity 700mAh with lead-acid battery
  • Charging voltage: AC110-220V/50Hz
  • Working voltage: 2500V

UGX26,000 UGX30,000

Product details

The mosquito racket has passed testing by the supervision department for quality and technology. Our products are super quality with low price and have achieved outlook patent. Keep mosquitoes and other flying bugs away with this innovative product. Place your order for this product TODAY from Nayastores and have it delivered to your doorstep.


It is easy to use and is highly efficient against flying bugs.

Mosquito Killer Bat is an amazing way to kill mosquitoes and keep your home safe from diseases like malaria and dengue. The bat is a simple yet useful tool  This can be an amazing accessory to have in your home as it can protect the health of your family helping you keep pesky insects at bay. Design and Comfort  Mosquito Killer  is battery powered and you can use it to attract mosquitoes and quickly kill them by passing them an electric shock. This is one home utility product that you must keep around you. you can buy this bat for your home, your office, your shop, your clinic, your showroom, your warehouse and just for anywhere where the troublesome mosquitoes can appear.

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