Mini Electric Hair Straightening Iron


  • Affordable
  • Convenient to carry
  • High quality
  • Straightens hair perfectly
  • Saves on salon costs
  • Have your hair wavy or straight with this iron


Product details

mini hair straightener is a very excellent styling tool for your hair because it irons it perfectly making  it straight, light and wavy just as you want is also a portable machine therefore  there is no need to keep wasting money on saloons during your trips. just pull it out and straighten your hair as you see fit for any occasion. When using this fantastic mini hair iron, connect it to a power supply until it heats up, then pick a little clip of hair from the hair root with the iron and then clamp down on. make it to stay for a little while on the hair so it can be evenly heat then proceed downwards. there you have it ,beautiful straight hair just as you want it. i mini hair iron is designed with a 3D Omni directional floating technology that keeps the iron’s panel movements effective  which prevents hair loss. it also has a fine control constant temperature which makes its performance efficient with electricity. use this hair iron and save on saloon costs. you will know you used it right when your hair looks beautiful ,wavy and straight like the ladies’ hair in the picture .score high ladies with this mini hair iron! good luck.

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