Kiss Classic Condoms 3 in 1 pack – Blue


  • 3 lubricated latex condoms
  • Transparent
  • Nominal width – 53mm
  • Dermatologically tested

UGX2,000 UGX3,000

Product details

Kiss Classic condoms are transparent, straight-walled, teat-ended and natural rubber latex condoms.
Kiss Condoms, when used well, protect against unwanted pregnancy and STIs while increasing pleasure by intensifying touch hence further enhancing the connection between you and your partner.
How To Use: Roll the condom on when your penis is erect (hard), but BEFORE it touches your partner’s mouth or Private area (vulva, vagina, anus, buttocks, and upper thighs) — and wear it the whole time you’re having intercourse. This helps protect you from STDs that are transmitted through skin-to-skin touching. It also prevents contact with pre-ejaculate, which can have STD germs and may rarely contain sperm that can cause pregnancy.
Condoms last a long time, but you should always check the expiration date printed on the wrapper or box. Open condoms carefully so you don’t damage them — don’t use your teeth or scissors. Make sure the condom’s ready to roll on the right way: the rim should be on the outside so it looks like a little hat, and it will unroll easily. You can unroll it a little bit before putting it on to make sure it’s right-side out. If you accidentally put a condom on inside out, do NOT flip it around and reuse it — get a new one.

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