Kinbar Loud Alarm On Intruder Touch Padlock – Black


  • Auto Alarming and Locking System
  • 110db Loud Alarm Siren Function
  • Hardened Zinc Alloy Body
  • Dual Shock & Movement Sensor
  • Hot Processed Hardened Steel Shackle diameter 10mm
  • Anti Twist Anti Cut Double Side Removeable Shackle
  • 3x High-Security Cut Keys – Cannot be Copied
  • 12x Batteries installed and spare packed in
  • Weight (kg): 0.6


Product details

This Alarm padlock is one of very best ALARM PADLOCKS  on the market.
It combines TAMPER PROOF SENSITIVITY, a near-impregnable ZINC-ALLOY BODY plus a STAINLESS STEEL SHACKLE in LOCK thus ensuring your home, business or any place holding your valuables stays inaccessible to intruders.
A mere touch gives off a WARNING BEEP followed by a 3 seconds delay in which the home owner should open this alarm padlocks.
Once it’s tamper proof sensitivity still detects touch minus lock being opened 3 seconds in, it blares off a 110 decibels of sound alarm.
This is an uncomfortable,shrieking ,ear-piercing alarm sound level enough to drive even the most hardened burglar off your door.
NOTE:The alarm once activated will kee p going as long as the the intruder persists with the break in attempt.
NOTE: This alarm padlock’s tamper proof sensitivity will not only detect direct touch but vibrations metres away from where it’s locked. This means that any drilling, hammer work etc done on your house is enough to trigger it into alarm action.
Its STAINLESS STEEL SHACKLE is a hook in, hook out equipment that can be adjusted either to the alarm siren side or the none alarm side.
This allows you to lock it in normal non-alarm mode when you are around your home but still needing a lock on your day but find it undesirable for kids running around touching it to trigger it’s very loud alarm.
It’s alarm is powered by batteries same as goes in majority of watches allowing you to access them once you have used up the ones installed already when you buy plus the ones packed as spare when you bought it. NOTE: it’s pack contains a free set of spare batteries.
It’s special keys are near impossible to duplicate thus ensuring no bad intentioned person makes a copy out of your key. It’s sold with 3 of these keys that you should do well to keep separate from each so as not to face trouble cutting it off your door when they are lost.


1 Black alarm padlockSet of 3 keys Set of spare batteries

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