10 Litres Multi-purpose Commercial Blender ,Juicer Beverage Dispenser

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Commercial Blender Professional Power Blender Mixer Juicer Food Processor.
Smoothie Maker For Commercial Kitchens & Bars All aboard the health kick train With a powerful commercial blender that can hold a massive 10 litres, you and family, friends or customers can get all the good stuff with a smoothie or a bowl of homemade soup. its the easiest way to cram plenty of fruit and veg into one meal.
Or if everyone fancies a cheat meal, whip up creamy chocolate milkshakes or crushed ice cocktails and let your hair down.
The strong stainless steel blades can crush ice and nuts, plus fruit and veg too, so whether you are running a cocktail bar or milkshake café this heavy duty blender is up to the job.
Soup Maker Or Professional Smoothie Blender? 10L BPA Free plastic jug, no harmful plastics, lightweight and has a measurement guide Includes tamper to mix and make sure everything is blended 2 part lid comes with removable safety guard, so you can add ingredients or use the tamper Strong.


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