Fender Powered Solo Guitar – Blue Black


  • Scale length   :  65cm
  • Medium frets  : 21
  • Vintage style   : Soft C
  • Bridge space  : 10.26mm
  • Body type        : Maple
  • Bridge             : Hardtail

UGX325,000 UGX400,000

Product details

           Fender Powered Solo Guitar-Blue Black.
Well, there is quite a lot to describe fender series of guitar  unlike the other kinds of guitars ,Most Fender electric guitar components can be removed and replaced if needed for functional, cosmetic or aesthetic reasons. Installing new components can be a fun and educational process that connects you deeper with your instrument and why it sounds/behaves as it does.
Unlike acoustic guitars, which require large body cavities to produce enough vibration to create sound, most  fender electric guitars are made of a slab of solid wood. Solid bodies are thinner and more ergonomic than their electric relatives.Further more its got the shorter the scale, the less tension there is on the strings, which makes bending and strumming chords easier. shorter scale guitars have less distance between each fret, requiring less of a stretch when playing difficult chords and exercises. This is very recommended for young players ,players with short hands, players that prefer less string tension and players looking for player comfort ability.


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