Absolut Vodka Mango 750ML


  • Absolut Vodka Mango 750ML
  • Volume in ml: 750
  • Brand: Absolut
  • Premium quality
  • Unique Taste

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Product details

Absolut Vodka Mango 750ML

Absolut Mango has brought the relaxation of sunny beaches to your classic summer cocktails for a decade. Enjoy the exotic taste of fresh mango and other tropical fruits in your favorite drinks such as Mango Mojitos, Mango Mules, and Mango Martinis.
Without using any added sugars, Absolut Mango is crafted using locally sourced winter wheat and deep well water in Ahus, Sweden, where Absolut has celebrated their heritage since their founding. Each time that you take a refreshing sip of Absolut Mango on the rocks or in your cocktail, you will appreciate the difference of the continuous distillation method pioneered by Lars Olsson Smith. Every bottle is distilled until it reaches the consistent level of high quality that you expect from Absolut vodkas to provide robust flavors and a smooth finish.
When you are looking for an easy way to add the fun twist of lush fruit flavors to your summer recipes, Absolut Mango always excites.


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